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November 10th, 2008


Ugh..I have to go to work in an hour...NO FUUUNNNN! : (

So, I stayed up until about midnight applying to colleges.  I sent in my apps for TEMPLE (temple..as in "my body is a temple...dedicated to beer), Pitt (its a HUGE place for film right now), and Hofstra (its in NYC, so, i probably wont go there...but i still LOVE it).  It was so nervewracking when I would get to the point to click "submit"  (O_O) *teeth chatter*  At least it is done now...unless I end up deciding to apply a couple of other places...i dont know....we shall see.

I'm sleepy...so I might just take a 10-20 minute nap before workkkkk......

Peace out, home slicessss

November 5th, 2008

GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People are so flipping stupid it's getting ridiculous. 

So, for the past 8 years, I've had to deal with having a retarded cowboy as a president and FINALLY  I actually get want I want in an election.  However, people have to act like little bitches all day and spew all of this crap about the "end of democracy" and "sociolism."  Someone even went as far as comparing Obama's path to the presidency to Hitler's rise to power....yeah.  I'm so sick of these retards that don't even know what they're talking about because all that they do is listen to the lies and threats said by the republican party.  All that they have done is try and scare people into not voting for Obama. 

Then I get someone telling me that they're mad because "all of the people that voted for Obama don't even know what he stands for...they just vote for him because he's black."  Yeah....I don't know ANYTHING about what Obama stands for.  I'm just a shallow idiot and so is the majority of America. 

I also LOVE how people contradict themselves constantly...for instance...the person mentioned above has stated on many occasions that we need to "appreciate" Bush because he is "trying."  Well, she can expect this comment any time she complains about Obama...but I'm willing to bet she won't have that same philosophy...partially because she's ridiculously racist.  Also, people have condemned people that voice their opinions...yet they've done the same thing.  And seriously, who gives a fuck if I wear a political t-shirt.  I didn't incorporate anything negative about republicans, McCain, or Palin.  I simply supported my candidate...it's a free country and I'm pretty sure I have the right to that.

I've also been called a socialist by a person that collects money from the government EVERY MONTH because she is a so called "disabled veteren".....now, when I hear that phrase, I think of a soldier that was injured in battle...this is not the case, however.  This person was having surgery on her heels because they were very narrow (like mine) and it was ridiculously hard to find shoes that fit properly.  During surgery, the surgeon chipped a nerve and, because of that, she's pretty set for life with this government money.  Now, there is always this talk about poor people that don't want to work and just want our money...yet there are plenty of rich people that don't want to work and we find ways to give them money.  It makes ZERO sense.

So, to sum it up for ya, I am being condemned for actually caring about people and wanting to help those in need...regardless of who they are.  This, however, is not the republican way of thinking.  I've tried my best to figure out how their minds work, but I have not been able to wrap my head around it...I guess it's because I think of people other than myself and I don't view the world in black and white. 

My uncle doesn't have health insurance because his employer doesn't supply him with it and he can't afford it otherwise.  This is a bit of a problem because his gums are practically eroding away.  When I was discussing this with a republican friend of mine, he said "well, he should get a better job then."  Interesting.  I guess some people don't realize that not everyone has the same opportunities when it comes to jobs and if he did have a better job, who would do the shit one he is doing now?  No matter what, these crappy little job positions need to be done by someone but these people can't live their lives without health insurance...I don't know why that's so hard to understand.

Next, some of the social issues being talked about.  First, gay marriage....why are people so worked up about a freaking WORD?!?!?!  I hear it all the time..."marriage is DEFINED as a man and a woman"...ok....what's your point?  It is just a word...get over it.  I don't care what they call it, but gay and lesbian couples deserve to have the same rights as straight couples.  I don't see how it affects someone here in PA if two gay guys out in San Francisco get hitched....it isn't your life and your religion shouldn't have power over other people that may or may not have the same religious beliefs....its that simple,
Next, abortion...it's a RELIGIOUS issue.  The last time I checked, not everyone in the US is a christian...so, if there are people who don't agree with the christian faith...then why should they have to follow the rules of it????  It is the woman's choice...not your bible's choice.

In conclusion....all of this crap about the "end of democracy" is RETARDED!  It is obvious that our country is in the toilet because of Bush's presidency and electing McCain would NOT have helped at all.  Everyone that wants to move can go right ahead because I'm sick of this idiotic crap.  (P.S.  people talking about moving to Canada...they have universal health care, so, I'm thinking that you wouldn't like it)

October 26th, 2008

la dee da

Okie dokie, folks!  I'm a tad bit bored, so, here I am talking to you all...

So....let's see here....what are some interesting topics of discussion?

Ooooo!  I got one!!!

So, since there are not too many opportunities for me to rant about these things, I will now grace you with some political based opinions of mine for there are A LOT of things I want to address.

First of all, let me just say how annoyed I am becoming concerning the election.  Personally, I cannot wait until this whole thing is over and I no longer have to listen to stupid people talk.  Frankly, I think that the Republican party is becoming rather desperate.  There have been a few articles that I've read that have made the most ridiculous accusations concerning Obama...it is almost amusing.

One of these articles was trying (desperately, might I add) to link Obama to terrorists in the Middle East.  The idiot just kept repeating how unusual it was that Obama could afford to go to Harvard; repeatedly asking 'do you know how much Harvard's tuition costs?'.....and 'how could Obama afford to visit his mother after he went to college?'....oh wait, it gets better!!!!  They also added that Obama once had TWO roommates from, wait for it....PAKISTAN!!!!  OH MY GOD!!!  PAKISTAN!!!!  You know what, you're absolutely right, Obama is a terrorist.  He had roommates with no links to terrorists, but they were from Pakistan, so, there you go.  There were also other sad attempts that made absolutely no sense at all.  All this person did was link Obama to PEOPLE in the Middle East...no one linked to terrorists.  That just shows how fucked up our country is becoming when people assume that anyone from the Middle East is a terrorist.  Just like all of this crap about Obama's middle name.  I suggest the people look up the name...it was the name of the prophet Muhammed's grandson....yep....that is definitely a synonym for the devil.

Ok...so I just realized that I have a paper due tomorrow.....CRAPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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